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(Corporate rate: $5000 per day; small businesses $1000 per day;  private individuals & not-for-profit organizations $100 per hour; telephone consultations $25 per 15 minutes, first consultation is free.)


* HAD BAD experience
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GRIEF Counselling
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(pill, potion & drug free)

"Fitness"  is not something you do three (3) or four (4) times per week for one (1) hour or so per day. Fitness is an ENJOYABLE  way of Life!  Your body adapts to whatever you do with it/ to it.  Learn how your:  Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Nutrition, heredity, and perhaps some presently unknown factors interact to make you look and feel the way you do...  while having  FUN  and enjoying life to its  fullest!

FITNE$$ for BU$INE$$
(How to keep yourself and your employees    HAPPY  ,  HealthyMotivated  and  Productive)

(pill, potion and drug free)

Sixty (60%) to Eighty (80%) percent of all Accidents, Sickness and Disease can be prevented. Learn how to live the "WELLNESS Way", while  looking  and  feeling  great, enjoying life to its fullest, and having FUN! 

* What YOU need to know about
 "Scientific Research" 
... stop watching, start THINKING !
 Much of what passes as "Scientific Research" is actually advertising, or even worse: propaganda orchestrated by commercial interests to sell you
something you don't really need.
Please watch the movies: "The Insider"  and
  "The Corporation"  to see how this is done.

* Is "The News" always "News",
 or is it often paid advertising, or even worse: contrived, manufactured propaganda designed to deceive?  How can you differentiate between "News" and propaganda?
Please watch the movies: "Good Night, and Good Luck",

"Advertising"     or       Mass  Brainwashing  ?

(Brand  Washed?)
Please watch the movies: "The Yes Men"  and
  "The Corporation"  to see how this is done.

* Global Warming: practical things you can do EVERY DAY to help while having fun, saving money, getting fit and enjoying life... the conscientious WELLNESS way.   Please  also see  the  Al  Gore  documentary "An Inconvenient Truth"  and visit:  www.ClimateCrisis.net 

* Living without terrorism:  How to prevent terrorism by giving people   HOPE.   Diffusing "dangerous" situations with love, empathy, compassion and charitable basic human decency costs far less than a  "war on terrorism",  both in terms of dollars spent and through loss of innocent lives, (the latter which invariably tends to exacerbate the problem).

Please watch the movie:  "Charlie Wilson's War"



  =   Living  a  SUCCESSFUL LIFE !


 A humorous but sadly true look at how the
 "political  system"   really works...
and what YOU can do to IMPROVE it.

80% VOTER PARTICIPATION is required for DEMOCRACY to function properly
What can we do to  MOTIVATE  more  VOTER  PARTICIPATION?

Sample voter PARTICIPATION rates in elections:
Quebec voter

Federal: 65%

Provincial: 70%

Municipal: 45%

Montreal: 43%

Laval: 36%

Ontario voter participation:

Federal: 65%

Provincial: 55%

Municipal: 43%

Toronto: 43%

Mississauga: 36%

USA voter

Federal: 60%

State: 40%

Municipal: 20%

If you don't like any of "them", RUN YOURSELF!
Run for one of the "other" parties,
 (many are ALWAYS short of candidates),
start your own party, or run as an Independent Candidate.
Sometimes "losers" are winners.

Some HILARIOUS  (but fictitious)  movies that can give you
TRUE STORY: "Recount" (Gore/Bush recount).

(Responsible, Accountable, Honest)
Politicians/ Government(s):
WHO do we believe?
Trump? A President Like No Other
Clinton? What Happened
Comey? A Higher Loyalty. Truth, Lies, and Leadership.

* Gilles Vaillancourt
(in Laval, Quebec, Canada)
Lessons you can learn to PREVENT,
expose and apprehend CORRUPTION
 in your City,
Province/ State,  and/or Country.

GRIEF/ Adversity
* Overcoming Adversity:

 How  to  convert  the worst  tragedy  into a

learning/ growth experience

with    OPPORTUNITY   and   HOPE.

Please visit:  www.HadBadExperienceTeachingModels.com

shortcut:   www.HADBADtm.com



FASTING for spiritual growth and/or HEALTH is as old as The Bible.

ALL the Prophets of the Great Religions FASTED for "40 (forty) days and 40 (forty) nights"Abraham  (Judaism, Christianity & Islam), Moses (Judaism, Christianity & Islam), Jesus (Christianity & Islam),  Muhammad (Islam)... The Buddha  (Buddhism),  and MANY more.

Mahatma Gandhi (Hindu) undertook 17 FASTS during India's freedom movement. His longest FAST was 21 days.

At least two (2) Canadian Politicians FASTED for political purposes.

Elizabeth May  (Green Party) went on a 17 day hunger strike on Parliament Hill in 2001 to protest against the Sydney Tar Ponds in NS.

Jacques Hebert  (Liberal Senator) went on a 22 day hunger strike at the Senate in 1986 to protest the cancellation of the Katimavik program he helped found a decade earlier.

Rick Blatter (Candidate for Mayor of Laval) went on a 44 day hunger strike on the front lawn of Laval City Hall in 2005 to demand a PUBLIC INQUIRY into CORRUPTION in Laval. CORRUPTION EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT FOR DECADES, but those who should have know and done something about it continued to pretend that "No one knew anything".

In 2013 the CORRUPT Mayor of Laval was finally arrested for CORRUPTION, (eight years later).

The Charbonneau Commission eventually exposed/revealed the fact that Vaillancourt's  illegal construction kickback election campaign financing scheme was actually rampant throughout the Province of Quebec. It was being used throughout the whole Province of Quebec by many corrupt municipal politicians and ALL the major Provincial Political Parties:

This is why "no one knew anything", ALL the major provincial political parties in Quebec were doing the same thing. Only Vaillancourt took CORRUPTION to whole new EXTREMES.

FASTING vs starving & hunger strikes:

FASTING for spiritual growth and/or  HEALTH is used to cleanse the body of toxins stored mostly in FAT, while also burning excess fat stores.

Healthy fasting requires lots of water to flush out toxins from the body (through urination) and to PREVENT DEHYDRATION. Pure FAT METABOLISM (ketosis) requires copious amounts of water, about a sip of water every 5 to 10 minutes.

The danger of Radical weight loss diets is not their caloric restriction, but rather the DEHYDRATION caused by almost pure FAT METABOLISM (ketosis). Far more water consumption than usual would make the wackiest diet "safe" if not carried out for more than 30 to 40 days. Longer than this may cause "nutrition deficiencies" to begin to appear.

The average adult can live approximately 65 days without eating under "ideal conditions" before they die of "starvation". After about 50 days of fasting all of an average adult's FAT RESERVES are depleted. This is when lean body mass: musclestissues and organs begin to be metabolized/ cannibalized. This is when actual "starvation" begins. Death shortly ensues. FASTS are terminated when FAT RESERVES are depleted, or in shorter fasts (2 to 7 days) long before this point is even approached.

Fasting is the voluntary and complete abstinence of all food
 and beverages except water, while nutritive reserves remain
adequate for normal body function.
It has been used for thousands of years
 and is used extensively in the animal kingdom.

Conversely hunger strikes are used to SHAME guilty parties into making redress. If hunger strikers HYDRATE themselves adequately they can FAST until their FAT RESERVES are depleted without danger. However, without proper HYDRATION, usually due to a lack of knowledge, or less than "ideal" environmental conditions, DEHYDRATION in EXTREME HEAT can occur within hours causing death.

Under "ideal conditions" the average adult cannot survive without water for more than 2 to 3 days,  maximum 6 days.  In EXTREME HEAT death can occur within hours without adequate water/ hydration.

Dr. Alan Goldhamer, D.C. on:
FASTING Can Save Your Life
(21 mins)

Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, ND.
The most widely used and read book on FASTING: